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About BOA

Bridge Online Academy was established to allow anyone to learn bridge from anywhere in the world!

We provide high-level teaching on a variety of topics and work hard to dispel the myth that bridge is a complicated game.

The Bridge Online Academy platform will help you up your bridge game so you can easily and enjoyably play a logical game, compete, and WIN!

About Barak Lieberman, BOA’s Founder

Despite my (relatively) young age, I am one of the bridge learning field’s pioneering players. I started playing bridge when I was 6 years old, and began teaching and directing bridge tournaments when I was 16.

Apart from being a husband to Hadas, a father to lovely twins, and a basketball referee, I have also spent the last few years developing this unique and innovative learning space.

Over the years, I have accumulated vast experience and have taught thousands of students of all ages and levels. I’ve run multiple successful bridge clubs and have developed unique learning systems that focus more on logic and reasoning and less on memory – all with a sense of humor that injects fun into the lessons themselves. Founding BOA was the next logical step.

I am so excited to set out on this amazing journey with you. Let’s explore and advance through the world of bridge and have fun!

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What Our Students Have to Say

Barak is a wonderful teacher. He is very easy to understand and he is very systematic. I am very bad with doing homework, or taking notes, but still Barak seems to get the right bridge moves and strategy into my head and my memory. He is great. Barak's lessons are fun.
Sali Ariel
My bridge guru, Barak Lieberman, is excellent at explaining the rules and strategies of bridge and is super patient with his students. He never tires of revising and repeating the lesson until it is completely comprehended. Barak's unique style of teaching bridge empowers you to challenge yourself and to love the game!!
Eysar Horesh
I have been learning bridge on-and-off for about thirty years, with various teachers, and while I've always enjoyed playing, and always learnt more rules and tactics, I never really 'got it' until I started my weekly, wonderful lessons with Barak. Barak does more than teach the rules, he actually shows his students the underlying rationale involved, and his lessons are eye-opening and exciting. Of course he is also very organized, always prepared with pre-dealt cards and a subject, and very methodical - as well as friendly and pleasant. It is a privilege to learn with him - he makes me want to be a better player just to please him!
Dr. Pamela Peled
“Barak is a very patient and wonderful teacher. Since Barak became our teacher, I have learned a lot. I highly recommend him as a bridge teacher.”
Margit Akselrad
“Barak is a great teacher. We have all learned lots from him."
Stephanie Azrieli
"Barak's learning methods make the learning easy and we laugh and enjoy teaching methods very much. Every week we can't wait for the next lesson."
Batsheva Shen

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