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What We Bring to the (Bridge) Table

Experience & Professionalism

With over 20 years of bridge instruction to his name, Barak brings special methodology and focus to the beginners’ circle. It is his singular goal to train the next generation of bridge teachers in Israel.
His courses are the result of years of innovative and advanced course design, so that learning and internalizing the game of bridge on an international level becomes second nature.


We believe in a big picture approach to the game of bridge via online, academic study. Through Barak’s live lessons, you can continue on to more advanced courses and become excellent players, while consistently benefiting from high-quality instruction.

Personal Guidance

While we may not be “physically” by your side, we will provide you with as much (or even more) personal guidance as you’d receive in a classroom setting.
During our live lessons, you’ll be able to ask questions aloud or via chat, and receive immediate responses from our instructors. And our instructors supervise all practice sessions and provide personalized feedback, enabling you to correct any mistakes you may have made in the nick of time.
But wait, there’s more! We also provide access to a course WhatsApp group, so you can ask your instructors questions in between lesson as well.

Study on Your Own Terms

While weekly study sessions in classrooms used to be common practice, we know that today, you need a more flexible and convenient format. Our platform enables you to study all week long from the comfort of your home (or laptop/tablet/telephone).
With BOA, you get to study theoretical material LIVE, participate in practice sessions, and review all you’ve learned via the Bridge Online Academy website.

Make-up Sessions

Missed a live lesson? No biggie.
Unlike classroom settings, BOA enables you to join any parallel group, or watch the recording of your group’s lesson via our website. Now, you can feel free to jet off on a long vacation… and join our lessons from abroad using any computer or smartphone – or simply watch the recorded lessons in your own free time.

We’ve helped 1000's of people become excellent bridge players!

And what enables Barak’s students to graduate from the course
and immediately join the worldwide diverse bridge community?


Barak has never taken learning the game for granted. Over the years, he’s researched and studied the field at length, in order to formulate a unique method for his students to learn to play bridge with speed and ease. He has poured his own knowledge of the game’s rules and invested much time in building effective courses that help his students learn and internalize the materials.

An Integrated Approach

Barak integrates theory and practice in all of his bridge courses, to create a comprehensive and growth-inducing learning experience. His students gain exceptional knowledge and skills which they, in turn, leverage when playing Israel’s community of bridge players.


If it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth it! Barak ensures that your learning experience is as fun as can be, adhering to this motto so you grow to love the game as much as he does.

Gradual Learning

The learning process is gradual and covers all the rules of the game in a manner that promotes their complete internalization before new material is introduced.

What’s Covered in the Beginners Bridge Course?

What’s Included?

  • 8 full and exciting, 2-hour lessons.
  • Live theory and interactive learning via Zoom.
  • Practical practice using the BBO (Bridge Base Online) platform.
  • Access to the Bridge Online Academy online learning system to:
    • Review all the lessons’ recordings.
    • Access all the written materials (printable).
    •  Access recordings and written materials on the Bridge Online Academy website for 6 months!!

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How Much Does the Course Cost?

Participate in the entire course and access all relevant materials for just 440 NIS.
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Sign up now and join the Beginners Bridge Course for just 280 NIS!

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From Our Alumni

"I loved learning bridge 😊"
A few years ago, I began studying bridge, but stopped, because I felt stuck. I decided to return to my studies. And even though I still lack confidence in my knowledge, I really enjoyed the course. It was highly educational, enjoyable, and interesting.”
Lily Pessach
An amazing instructor!!!
The course was organized to perfection. Interesting. Thought-provoking. Highly recommended. A high-level course that is intensive and certainly not simple, but I would be happy to take part in more lessons.
Zehava Hermann
Barak’s teaching methods make the learning easy, and we laugh and enoy the lessons very much. Each week, we find ourselves eagerly awaiting the next lesson.
Batsheva Shen
The course was given in over in an extremely clear way, with time spent answering questions in detail. I discovered a whole new world of thinking, logical, and growth.
Jack Chanan
It was an excellent course. Highly focused. Barak is a great instructor, and I’ve learned from many others. You’re the best!
Naomi Berger
An excellent course that is well-built from step to step, including workbook and practical practice. Barak is a great instructor. He taught us about the game and more - to love playing.
Yvonne Katz

Have You Met Barak? It's About Time...

Barak Lieberman, Owner & Head Instructor at Bridge Online Academy

Despite my (relatively) young age, I am one of the bridge learning field’s pioneering players. I started playing bridge when I was 6 years old, and began teaching and directing bridge tournaments when I was 16.

Apart from being a husband to Hadas, a father to lovely twins, and a basketball referee, I have also spent the last few years developing this unique and innovative learning space.

Over the years, I have accumulated vast experience and have taught thousands of students of all ages and levels. I’ve run multiple successful bridge clubs and have developed unique learning systems that focus more on logic and reasoning and less on memory – all with a sense of humor that injects fun into the lessons themselves. Founding BOA was the next logical step.

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