Defense Course (Live)

Defense Course

50% of all bridge games are played on the defense,
as players try to thwart their opponents.
Only the combination of a precise defense with optimal communication between defenders can lead to successful results.

The course will provide you with all the tools you need to form a great partnership and optimally collaborate for a winning defense.

Rather than guess what the right move might be, you’ll learn to communicate with your partner and KNOW the right move.

Who needs defense?

Defense is the most neglected area for most Bridge players.
We all invest all our energy in Bidding and Play and overlook Defense.

50% of all Bridge games are played in Defense. Only using accurate Defense and partnership collaboration we will achieve optimal results.

Anyone who wants to be a stand out amongst all Bridge players will be happy to know that 95% of club Bridge players don’t practice Defense. 

The Course That Will Make You Bridge Champs!
The Course That Will
Make You Bridge Champs!

This course is held live and can be accessed from anywhere.

All lessons are recorded and can be reviewed at your convenience.

The Defense Course is a must-attend for any bridge player who wants to take their game to the next level.

Bridge is a game made up of three parts: bidding, declarer play, and defense. Most bridge players neglect their defense and rely on their intuition or experience to help them make the right defensive decision?

But why rely on luck when you can rely on logic?

This course will provide you with the tools you need to optimize your communication and collaboration with your partner, just like you aim to achieve in bidding.

50% of all bridge games are played in defense mode. Have you ever thought about how many hours you’ve invested in learning to properly engage in defense?

For most players, it’s between 5-10% of their time.

Instead, most players focus on biddings (because they have to) and improve their declarer play (because it’s more fun).

That means the defense is most players’ weak spot. Investing in your defense can help you become better than 99% of players!

I recommend taking the Defense Course once a year to sharpen and preserve the tools learned.

Defense Course Syllabus

What’s Included?

  • 10 full and exciting, 2-hour lessons. 
  • Live theory and interactive learning via Zoom.
  • Practical practice using the BBO (Bridge Base Online) platform.
  • Access to the Bridge Online Academy online learning system to:
    • Review all the lessons’ recordings.
    • Access all the written materials (printable).
    •  Access recordings and written materials on the Bridge Online Academy website for 6 months!!


The Next Course Starts:

  December 9th, 2020  

The lessons will be held on Wednesdays at 11:00


550₪ All-Inclusive


935₪ (30% for the spouse)



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