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How Does It Work?


Here at Bridge online academy, we have mastered the art of teaching online, and our classes are fun, engaging, and most importantly, effective. Whether you’re on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, you can attend our class. Our classes are meant to be accessible to everyone.

Recordings available 24/7

Bridge is better learned when you comprehend it rather than just memorize it. You can watch your course videos as many times as you need at your leisure, unlike standard bridge clubs in which you attend classes once and then have to remember what you learned.

online practice sessions

Theoretical studies are combined with hands-on bridge playing online. Your knowledge will be put into practice in real game and tournament situations.

thriving community

Join fellow bridge players who share your passion and are also looking for high-level bridge instruction, share your knowledge, find game partners and get to know people around the world.

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Bridge Beginner Course

Begin your learning journey and become familiar with the most interesting strategy card game in the world. Get ready, sharpen your mind, and buckle up; we promise you’ll have a great time.


Upcoming advanced sessions

Gain a deeper understanding of the logic behind every bid or call, broaden your understanding of the game, and gain the skills necessary to become a top bridge player


Enrichment sessions

Enrichment sessions will be one of the highlights of your week, making you eagerly anticipate learning new things. In each lesson, you’ll hear a live presentation from Barak Lieberman on a chosen topic.

Featured Courses

Best-in-class bridge learning at any time, anywhere.

BOA Mission

Bridge Online Academy was established to allow anyone to learn bridge from anywhere in the world! In any weather, or under any circumstance, we want you to enjoy our classes on the most exciting game on the planet from the comfort of your own home, or on your mobile device wherever you are.

At Bridge Online Academy, we are committed to teaching a variety of topics and dispelling the myth that bridge is an extremely complicated game.

Bridge Online Academy is a bridge learning platform that helps you up your game, so you can easily and enjoyingly compete and win!

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